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CyberRisk is now a CREST Registered Tester

Melbourne 6th of July 2019 — CyberRisk, one of Australia’s leading information security and technology risk management consulting firms today announced that it is a CREST Registered Tester.

CyberRisk performs technical security assessments to test the security posture of an organisation, including networking devices, web applications, mobile applications, wireless systems and IT infrastructure both on premise and in the cloud. CyberRisk also perform social engineering exercises to test the susceptibility of an organisation’s people to hacker tricks and techniques. CyberRisk’s penetration testing identifies and clearly documents the risks posed to an organisation from the perspective of a motivated and skilled attacker using real world hacker tactics, techniques and procedures trying to find vulnerabilities and weaknesses to exploit.

Penetration testing is an essential part of managing an organisation’s cyber risk and it provides a snapshot of the target’s security posture at a certain point in time. Because the penetration test results will depend on the quality of the provider and testers performing the assessment, it is crucial to choose the right partner that uses a proven and repeatable methodology and who has the right skills.

“Organisations looking for professional security testing services should seek a provider that has the requisite policies and methodologies to ensure that the work is of a high standard”, said Wayne Tufek, a Director of CyberRisk, “CyberRisk obtained CREST membership following a rigorous assessment of our penetration testing processes, data security and security testing methodologies, further demonstrating our ability to deliver excellent security testing services that our existing clients have been experiencing since 2016″ he continued, “Becoming a CREST member signifies that CyberRisk is a company with appropriate policies, processes and procedures for conducting high quality penetration testing services”.

About CyberRisk

With any aspect of operating a business, the ability to effectively manage your cyber risk is based on being able to make well informed decisions and then execute on them. CyberRisk provides your organisation with the necessary expertise, experience and skills to do both. CyberRisk is based in Melbourne, and is one of Australia’s leading information security and technology risk management consulting firms. CyberRisk is an Australian information security partner delivering services that pragmatically ensure alignment between information security and business objectives, clarify complex security challenges and provide confidence for organisation’s making security and risk management decisions. CyberRisk is uniquely positioned to help our clients to protect their reputation, take advantage of the digital economy and grow their businesses safely and securely.

Contact CyberRisk today to find out more about how they can assist you with all your information security and technology risk management needs. www.cyber-risk.com.auThis entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged CRESTPenetration testing. Bookmark the permalink.

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