Alyne enables organisations of all industries and sizes to measure their cyber security, risk management and compliance capabilities.

Real-time Dashboard

Fast insights with a single click

Quickly understand current developments influencing your organisation’s risk profile from controls, risks, reports and users in Alyne.

Control Sets

Rule sets helping your teams make smart decisions

Leverage Alyne’s library of pre-defined control sets for various topics, laws and standards to enable compliance or configure your own custom control sets with a few clicks. Adapt control statements to your organisation’s needs or create new rules as needed.


Measure current maturity at scale

Leverage Alyne templates or configure your own questionnaires to send to internal stakeholders or external partners to understand the current maturity of control design and effectiveness. Manage assessments for 5, 50 or 500 recipients with ease. Enable your stakeholders to provide measurable data without the pain of conventional questionnaires.

Analytics & Reporting

Your answer to the question of “so what?”

Use Alyne’s risk analytics to drill down into your assessment results and understand control weaknesses in context of your risk and compliance situation. Drill down and explore context or aggregate assessment results to easily identify complex cumulative risks.

Risk Management

Work together to reduce your organisation’s risk exposure

Develop action plans to reduce risk exposure through managed risks to an acceptable level. Coordinate individual activities among your teams and enable agile risk mitigation using our disruptive concept of risk tags.


Triage your assets and launch smart workflows

Categorise assets and launch workflows based on the outcome with our highly flexible funnels. Provide your teams with guidance to make informed decisions and document them in Alyne. Execute risk and compliance processes end to end leveraging Funnels.

CyberRisk has partnered with Alyne to bring this fantastic platform to Australia.

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