Attivo Networks®, the leader in deception technology, provides an active defense for early detection, forensics, and automated incident response to in-network cyberattacks.

Attivo Networks offers a deception based threat deception and response platform. It servers, decoys, deception a endpoint deception suite to create a comprehensive early detection and active defence against cyber threats.

The Attivo ThreatDefend™ Deception Platform provides a comprehensive and customer-proven platform for proactive security and accurate threat detection within user networks, data centers, clouds, and a wide variety of specialised attack surfaces. The portfolio includes expansive network, endpoint, application, and data deceptions designed to efficiently misdirect and reveal attacks from all threat vectors. Advanced machine-learning makes preparation, deployment, and operations fast and simple to operate for organisations of all sizes. Comprehensive attack analysis and forensics provide actionable alerts, and native integrations automate the blocking, quarantine, and threat hunting of attacks for accelerated incident response.

CyberRisk is an Attivo partner and we’re really excited to bring you a technology that finally gives defenders an advantage! If you’re interested in reducing attacker dwell time,  contact us today! We’d be happy to give you a demonstration so you can see how easy it is!