Dtex Systems
A Modern Approach to Insider Threat Detection

The Dtex Advanced User Behaviour Intelligence combines user-focused visibility, intelligence, and performance to show you how users interact with data.

User Behaviour for the Insider Threat

The advent of distributed enterprises and modern technology means that potential insider threats are everywhere. Dtex is purpose-built to provide a solution for every type of insider threat, whether they’re malicious, negligent, or a case of compromised credentials.

Insider Threat Detection

Dtex has an unparalleled, tailored approach to detecting insider threats, which allows it to catch threats that other tools frequently overlook. No other tool is able to accurately detect malicious activity, negligent mistakes, and credential theft.

Early Warning Signs

Catch early indicators of insider events before they happen. Through machine learning and behavior patterns, Dtex is able to find warning signs of impending threats instead of relying on retroactive detection. Other tools look at the point of exfiltration, but Dtex sees the broader picture.

Context and Intent

Understand the full user behavior audit trail. With simple, human-readable data, Dtex delivers the contextual information analysts need to answer the important questions analysts ask in order to see the context around an action and prove intent.

Forensic Insights

Construct a full timeline of events following an incident. Dtex’s audit trail makes forensic investigations simple and straightforward by revealing a historical timeline of user behavior in human-readable data.

Off-Network Visibility

Achieve user visibility even when devices are off the corporate network. Dtex’s visibility is based at the endpoint, which means that insights don’t end when the user leaves the corporate network.

Targeted, Prioritised Alerts

Get insights without noise or false positives. Dtex utilises alert stacking and advanced risk scoring to reduce noise and produce targeted, prioritized alerts. What’s more, the metadata Dtex collects is tailored to user behaviour, making it far more targeted than noisy events logs and similar data.

Patented Anonymisation

Protect privacy and comply with regulations with anonymization. Dtex provides patented anonymisation technology that obscures all identifying user data, ensuring that visibility does not come at the expense of privacy.

Lightweight Technology

Dtex is lightweight and scalable, with no noticeable performance impact. Dtex is lightweight enough to scale enterprise-wide and collects just 3-4 MB of data per user per day.

CyberRisk has partnered with Dtex to bring their technology to Australia.

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