Runzero - Cyber Risk

Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management

runZero is a fast, easy and accurate asset discovery platform that scans your IT and OT environments to provide a foundation for your asset inventory, attack surface reduction, and incident response programs. Identify security risks such as outdated and orphaned devices, rogue RDP ports, and public-private network bridges. Get instant device context for incident response. runZero easily integrates into other platforms through a remote API and multiple export formats.

runZero performs active discovery scans, without needing credentials, traffic captures, netflows, span ports, or network taps. Instead, you deploy runZero Explorers to carry out scan operations. During scans, runZero generates and sends safe, benign traffic to devices, and collects info based on the responses.

A new kind of CAASM for amazing security visibility in minutes.

Active scanning, passive discovery, and API integrations unite in one powerful platform to deliver complete visibility into managed and unmanaged assets across IT, OT, IoT, cloud, mobile, and remote environments.

Some CAASM solutions rely solely on integrations to inventory your network… but those other tools are notoriously incomplete because they rely on existing sources. runZero combines our own active scanning and passive discovery with integrations so you see absolutely everything.

Invented by the creator of Metasploit, our unique, safe scanning technology creatively gathers data points just like an attacker would, extracting asset details to deliver mind-blowing, in-depth fingerprinting and insights into OSs, services, hardware, and more.

And now, we’ve added passive discovery that’s always on, and perfect for environments with fragile OT devices.

CyberRisk is a certified Runzero partner to help you Get complete visibility into IT, OT, & IoT — without agents, credentials, or hardware.

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