What is Cyber Risk?

Risk management is an ongoing process that involves identifying, assessing and responding to risk. When handling risk, basically there are four ways to do so, including mitigating the risk, transferring it, avoiding the risk or accepting it.

Cyber risk is any risk associated with financial loss, disruption to operations or damage to an organisation’s reputation from a negative event impacting the organisation’s information and/or information systems.

Examples include cybercrime, data breaches and system outages to name a few. Effective cyber risk management is more than just firewalls, log monitoring or deploying anti-virus software. It requires a holistic view of people, processes and products to architect a secure, resilient and effective organisation. As technology becomes deeply ingrained in everything we do and as organisations become more reliant on information technology, the cyber security threat landscape continually changes making managing cyber risk increasingly more complex. Identifying and implementing the correct mix of people, process and product, balancing risk and reward and maximising the return on investment in security measures is a challenge for most organisations.

We help organisations to manage their risk, we do this by leveraging our years and years of experience and knowledge from managing and deploying proven, practical, pragmatic, successful and cost effective IT Security programs to many organisations across many different industries.

Our Process

We help you protect your critical information assets, stay ahead of the latest threats, and maximise the value of your information security investments. When you partner with us, you’ll obtain access to our expertise in successfully managing information security and technology risk with our proven approach.


Identify Your Critical Information Assets


Assess the strength and effectiveness of your security


Build Strategies and Plans to Mitigate Your Risk


Deploy the right security measures

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Understand your gaps and risks they pose.


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Best Practices, Safety Culture and Awareness


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Endpoint Security, EDR, SOC

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