LepideAuditor – Data-Centric Audit & Protection

Providing you with one consolidated solution for enterprise-level insight into your data and the surrounding systems, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

Prove compliance and maintain the security of your data through our simple and powerful auditing and monitoring solution – LepideAuditor.

Discovery & Classification

Find out where your most sensitive data is and why it’s sensitive.

Permissions & Privileges

Determine who has access to what and whether access levels are appropriate.

User & Entity Behavior

Track user interaction with your data/ systems and identify anomalies.

States & Changes

Get insight into environment states & changes that pose a risk to your data.

Secure Your Data, Wherever It Lies

Whether your critical data lies on-premise or in the cloud, you should have a continuous and proactive means of tracking changes related to that data and the surrounding systems.

CyberRisk has partnered with Lepide to bring this great product to Australia.

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